Plaža Zlatni Rat, Bol, otok Brač, Croatia

779,00 € 740,05 €

From the moment you confirm your booking, or even before you decide to book - our crew is at your disposal 24/7. So, if you have any question or need additional information - please let us know!

This boat excursion can only be booked "per tour" or as we call it "Private Tour". That means that you will be alone in the boat (with skipper of course) and you can trim your itinerary to the best of your mood on the spot. The same thing is for the start time - you choose what time you want to depart from your location.

EXAMPLE: you don't prefer the location where you are you simply tell the skipper "Let's go on another one on our itinerary".

In any case: private boat tours like this one offer more flexibility and privace as the only people on board will be you and your friends or family (and skipper, as we said).

Price includes:
- boat rent
- english speaking skipper
- deckhand
- refreshment on board (water, soft drinks, beer)
- fuel for itinerary as described
- snorkeling equipment
- GoPro CAM
- Safety gear
- Insurance

Price does not include:
- itinerary deviations significaly different from the itinerary
- meals and other not listed under "Price Includes"
As we previously said - this is private bot tour an as such it is totally dependant on your wishes and ideas. START time is not fixed but we suggest you start in the morning around 09:00h. In that way you will have enough time to cover the full itinerary of the excursion with enough free time.

Once we leave Split, we will cruise in direction of Split gate - a narrow passage between Brač island and Šolta island.
Before we go through the Gate we plan to stop for coffee break in Milna town on Brač island. After pause, we continue and just after we pass through the GATE - we will continue in direction of Zlatni rat beach, cruising along south side of Brač island.
Upon arrival on Zlatni rat you will have enought time to explore all Zlatni rat has to offer. You can choose (and skipper will suggest you) to have a lunch or snack in one of many restaurant bars on the beach or you can agree with skipper to take you afterward to Bol for a lunch. OF course, our skipper will know to recommend what are the best options in Bol.
When you are done with lunch/meal, drinks and/or sightseeing of Bol - you will head back to Split. If you wish so - we will recommend one more stop in Lučice bay, just before Split Gate where you can have a last swim of the day.
Return to Split is sheduled fo 20:00 / 21:00h.

Zlatni rat is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Old Continent and its beauty and elegance are a symbol not only of Brač Island, but also of Croatia. It was formed by deposition of fine golden pebbles around the underwater reef, stretching out like a tongue, and down to a depth of 500 m. Under the influence of winds, waves and currents the tip of Zlatni Rat constantly changes shape, always creating a different and interesting vision. Zlatni Rat is a protected natural area and the favourite place of surfers and kite-surfers from all over the world. It is only 2 km away from the village of Bol on the southern side of Brač Island, under Vidova Gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands. Bol fascinates with scents of pine trees, clean sea and cultural sites such as the Dominican monastery and the parish church.
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You can pay in cash, by bank transfer, or by VISA, Mastercard or Diners credit card via our online secure booking system.

NOTE: In case of bad weather, we reserve the right to cancel the excursion, and in such cases, we shall not be responsible for any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage. In this case, the full ammount of paid price is to be returned to the guest.
*In case the customer cancels the reservation, we reserve the right to keep the paid deposit.

Zlatni rat boat excursion combined with Bol town is booked by all those staying in Split or Hvar. All of them are interested to visit and spend the day on symbol of Croatian coastline.

How to reach Zlatni rat?

Zlatni rat (eng. Golden Horn or Golden Cape) is soft pebble beach located on southern slopes of Brač island. It is prefect “decoration” to Bol town, administratively speaking, the only inhabited place on that side of the island. To reach Zlatni rat if you are staying in Bol is quite easy. You can take 1.8 kilometre walk along the coast line, through pine forrest. The other is to take traditional boats departing from town’s riva and it takes approximately 20 minutes.

But if you are staying in Split or Hvar town – that is another story. You have to reach it either by slow traditional boats that take cca 2 hr or by boat. That is where we step in with our offer of boat excursions.

What to expect?

By booking this speed boat trip either from Hvar or Split, you will enjoy the pleasant cruise that will take you through Brač channel. Also you will pass throu famous Split Gate and head along south slopes of Brač island. Besides the breathtaking view on Zlatni rat beach, you will see the highest peak of all Adriatic islands – Vidova Gora, 780m.  Also, stop in Bol gives an opportunity to see the town’s centre and enjoy coffee in places like “Varadero” or legendary “Marinero”.

Zlatni rat itself will offer two possibilities, depending on your preferences:

  • you can choose one side of the “horn” where the summer wind blows and step into action by throwing yourself into the waves. Or you can try one of many water activities available there like parasailng, banana or donut rides,..
  • OR – you can choose the peaceful side of the horn, with no wind at all and use spend free time sunbathing, swimming or chilling in some beach bar in pine forrest beside the sea.


Do yourself a favour and book this boat excursion. It offer a lot for a reasonable price and short boat ride.

And if you have any doubts, need more informatio or have some questions – contact us! Our crew is at your disposal.

Zlatni rat (Golden Cape or Golden Horn) is the most beautiful beach in Croatia. Moreover, it is one of the symbols of Croatian coastline. Also, it would be fair to say how it was voted couple of times as most spectacular beach in Europe. It is approximately 350 meters long on EACH side and curiosity is that one part of it is always protected from wind. So, you can choose: to throw yourself in waves on windy side or just to chill on peaceful side of the beach. It is located on southern slopes of Brač island, just beneath the highest peak of all islands in Adriatc - Vidova Gora mountain. Just 1.8 kilometers from the beach you can find charming little town BOL. Throughout the history, it has been the only inhabited on south side of the island. In 80' of the last century it has been discovered by the tourist from all over the world and as a result - many hotels were built. Today, we can say that with Hvar town and Split it is the champion of tourism in Croatia. Of course, because of the Zlatni rat's uniqueness this boat excursion is among most popular.