Assistance at sea

Make a note of your GPS position

Once you made sure that none of the passengers is in danger and that the craft is under control, make a note of your GPS position to a medium independent of the energy source, so that you could provide us with your exact location.

Contact us

Call us at +385-91-125-6350, or in case there is no signal, contact us via the VHF channel. If the first two options are unsuccessful, call Split Radio and ask for Duje Marine assistance at sea.

Expect the following questions

Our operator will ask you to specify your emergency. Is anyone hurt? What is your location based on GPS coordinates? Are you drifted by sea currents, if yes, in which direction?

Engine Repairs and Assistance at Sea

We perform overall performance testing and the various phases of servicing diesel and gasoline, inboard and outboard engines, installation and servicing of stern and bow thrusters, electricity and repairs of all other types of engines failures that might occur. Servicing and repairs are done at our workshop on land or we come to you if the malfunction occurred at sea. In case of assistance at sea, if the defect can not be eliminated and our technicians estimate that it is not possible to proceed with the navigation, our service for assistance at sea will make sure that you safely reach the nearest port, and continue with repairs and further works at port or on the mainland if you agree.

Fuel and Spare Parts Delivery

You are enjoying your vacation on a boat and you estimated your fuel reserve incorrectly? Your engine failed and will not start, and you do not have a spare spark plug? Do not worry – Duje Marine Assistance at Sea will make sure that the fuel or spare parts are delivered to your location as soon as possible. Our friendly technicians will provide you with the necessary assistance, and you can safely continue with your vacation.


Transfer of Persons and Counselling

Duje Marine Group offers transfers along the Croatian coast within its taxi boat service. The centre of the taxi boat service is in Hvar Town port, but our skippers will pick you up at any agreed location. In case of an accident at sea or some other disaster our skippers will help you and the other passengers to return to the nearest port safely where you can calmly think what to do next.

Also, you can use our long experience and vast knowledge to refer you to interesting locations in the surrounding areas, and to suggest a variety of activities and a list of attractions that are worth visiting.

Towing and Refloating Vessels.

Accidents at sea are extremely unpredictable and can be very unpleasant. This is where the experience and expertise of our personnel comes into play. Every user of our services that cannot be provide with the necessary service at sea will be towed from the point of failure/damage to the nearest port where repairs can be made, or to the nearest service equipped for eliminating specific malfunctions. In case of stranding, our assistance at sea service will ensure safe refloating of the vessel, inspect the damage, and advise you on further steps.

Do not let an accident ruin your vacation – we have a replacement vessel for you
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